Beard Outfitters

Horseback drop camps in the Teton Mountains of Idaho and Wyoming!


If you like to hike, but find discomfort in a heavy backpack and excessive gear, let us help you by packing your provisions on horseback to your desired location.
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Beard Outfitters Drop Camps

Benefits of Drop Camp:

1. Our pack animals carry your gear
2. Party members can horseback in
3. You have energy to enjoy the outdoors

Do as you like for as long as you like until the designated time that we return to pack your gear back to a chosen trailhead.

If certain members of your party would prefer to ride a horse to your campsite, extra saddle horses may be available for them. We can accommodate most camping equipment safely on our experienced pack animals.

Arrangements must be made to meet us at a trailhead with your gear.

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Beard Outfitters (License BG#230) is a nondiscriminatory permittee of the Targhee National Forest
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